How to Install GNOME Tweak tool on Ubuntu 22.04

In this article, we will see how to install GNOME tweak tool on Ubuntu 22.04. The GNOME Tweak Tool, officially known as "GNOME Tweaks," is a free and open source utility for customizing the GNOME desktop environment. It provides users with a range of options that are not readily accessible through the standard GNOME System ... Read more

How to Install logwatch on Ubuntu 22.04 [Simple Steps]

In this article, we will see how to install logwatch on Ubuntu 22.04. Logwatch is a powerful and versatile log parsing and analysis tool widely used in the Linux and Unix environments. It's designed to help system administrators monitor and review activity on their servers by providing summarized reports from various system logs. Logwatch parses ... Read more

How to Install Gdb on Ubuntu or Debian

In this article, we will see how to install gdb on Ubuntu or Debian. GDB, or the GNU Debugger, is a powerful debugging tool used primarily for troubleshooting and analyzing the behavior of compiled C and C++ programs. It is a part of the GNU Project and is widely used in the development of Unix ... Read more

TechNowLogger - Keylogger Generator for Windows and Linux

In this article, we will look into TechNowLogger, a Keylogger Generator tool for Windows and Linux based systems. TechNowLogger is a free and open source python library typically used in security testing applications. It is a keylogger generator that works on both Windows and Linux. This tools sends key information (Key logged), screenshot and other ... Read more

Step by Step to Install Caine OS on VirtualBox [Complete Guide]

In this article, we will go through step by step guide to install Caine OS on VirtualBox. Caine OS(Computer Aided Investigative Environment) is Ubuntu based professional open source forensic platform with strong security and forensic investigation features built-in. A complete investigative environment is the foundation of CAINE, which is designed to combine existing software tools ... Read more

GoPhish: Open Source Phishing Framework [Ethical Hacking]

In this article, we will look into an open source phishing framework called Gophish. It is basically a cross platform simulating phishing framework that makes simulation of authentic phishing attempts very easy and efficient. From start to finish, you’ll be able to create realistic phishing simulations tailored to your organization. It is also very easy ... Read more