10 Ways to Cool Down Your Android Phone Without Turning It Off

We use Android devices almost every minute of the day. They help us acquire knowledge at our fingertips. However, the devices may overheat. Your phone tends to get hot due to processor overload, malware, and faulty battery, among other reasons.

When our phones overheat, we switch them off until they cool. Are there methods for cooling my Android phone without turning it off ? If this question is ringing in your mind, here are ten techniques to cool the phone and keep it running efficiently.


Why is Your Phone Overheating ?

Your device could be getting hot due to the following reasons:-

a) Processor overload: Our phones allow multiple apps to run simultaneously. However, when many processes run, they cause the processor to strain, resulting in heat generation and overheating.

b) Malware: Our phones are prone to malware attacks. This causes many applications to operate in the background, hence overloading the processor and reducing your phone's performance. As the phone's processor tries to run all the apps, it produces more heat, leading to overheating. To check for malware, you can follow below steps:-

  • Start Play store
  • Hit on your Play store icon
  • Tap "Manage Apps and Device".

  • Hit "No harmful apps found".

  • Tap "Scan"

c) Blocked ventilation- If the heat your phone generates does not diffuse freely due to blocked ventilation, your phone may begin overheating.

d) Direct sunlight- Your phone could get hot if you expose it to direct sun rays.



10 Ways to Cool Down Your Android Phone Without Turning It Off

10 Ways to Cool Down Your Android Phone Without Turning It Off

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Overheating causes Android devices to slow down or even turn off in the worst cases. You can cool down your android phone efficiently using below methods.


Method 1: Reduce the Screen's Brightness

The screen consumes lots of power. Therefore, if you use the device at a high screen brightness, your battery drains faster and emits more heat. By reducing your screen's brightness, the phone consumes less power and reduces the heat it emits. As a result, your phone will cool and get back to normal.

To reduce the screen's brightness;

  • Swipe down the top of your phone's screen to get to the notification panel
  • Reduce the device's screen brightness as shown below.


Method 2: Update the Device

The mobile apps on our phones and the operating system could contain patches and errors that may lead to the device overheating. Therefore, update the software to ensure you are running on the newest versions. These updates help increase the device's efficiency, reducing your phone's power consumption and hence reducing overheating.

While updating apps;

  • Launch Play store
  • Hit your play store icon
  • Click "Manage App and Device".

  • Tap "Updates Available".
  • Check the number of apps requiring updates and hit "Update all".


Method 3: Leave the Phone idle for sometime

After using phone for long hours, it may result in overheating. Therefore, when it gets hot, cool it down by leaving it idle for some time. This will fix the overheating problem admirably. Furthermore, if you use the phone as it charges, stop the habit and begin using it after it is fully charged.


Method 4: Ensure the Device is away from Direct sunlight

Your device could overheat after being exposed to direct sunlight. Therefore, if you're enjoying the sunlight, consider relocating to a dry and cool environment. Some people may think of storing the phone in a freezing environment, such as a freezer, to cool it faster. Do not do this since massive temperature changes can significantly damage the device.


Method 5: Switch Airplane Mode on

Airplane mode helps turn off all non-essential background apps, which may lead to overheating. Operating in this mode will help get the phone back to average temperatures. To turn on this mode, follow below steps:-

  • Swipe down your screen from the top
  • Locate Airplane mode and turn it on
  • The device gets to Airplane mode


Method 6: Close Apps Running in the Background

If your device is overheating, you need to ensure that you switch off all background apps. Operating multiple background apps may cause processor overload, leading to high battery consumption and heating.


Method 7: Remove your Phone's Cases

Our phone cases are critical in preventing the phone from damage. However, they significantly interfere with the ventilation, preventing the heat your device emits from escaping into the environment. This leads to the phone overheating. Therefore, take the case out to let the radiated heat out of the phone.


Method 8: Avoid using the Phone while charging it

Are you using your phone as it charges and it's overheating? If so, then ensure that you let the phone charge first. This is because phones heat as they charge due to huge power intake. If your phone overheats as it charges, consider using a low-power charger.


Method 9: Keep the Phone close to a Fan

Do you own a fan? If you have one, then it will be o great benefits. Just as a fan helps us cool our bodies during hot days, it does the same to an overheating device. However, if you aren't in a position to use a fan, you can cool your phone with ease by blowing on it. Furthermore, you can fan it using your own hands.


Method 10: Turn off Connectivity Features You are Not Using

Your device could be heating due to the constant scanning of Wi-Fi networks and Bluetooth connections. Moreover, these features significantly consume your battery due to the large amounts of power they consume. Therefore, ensure that they remain disabled until you need them. You can follow below steps to turn your Phone's Bluetooth and Wi-Fi off :-

  • Access the quick settings menu by dragging down your screen from the top.
  • Tap "Bluetooth" and ensure it's off
  • Also, locate "Wi-Fi" and ensure it is off.


Ways to Prevent Your Android from Overheating 

To ensure that the device keeps operating without overheating, use below preventive measures:-

a) Install Antivirus- You could mistakenly install malware resulting in overheating. Therefore, installing an antivirus is vital to prevent malware installation in your device, preventing overheating. The malware can be from play store's fake apps.

b) Updates- Your phone could overheat due to bugs in the software. To ensure your device performs optimally, always ensure that its apps and operating System are up to date. To check for system updates;

  • Open Settings
  • Hit "System"

  • Finally, tap "System Updates".

c) Proper charging- Ensure that you use the authorized charger. Moreover, do not use the phone as it charges.



In conclusion, heating slows down our phone's performance and can even result in a forced shutdown. The device can overheat due to processor overload, direct sunlight, malware, and blocked ventilation. People tend to shut down their phones whenever they encounter this problem. However, if you aren't interested in switching it off, you can utilize the above techniques and quickly get the device back to normal.

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