Why registering Email ID to Your Bank Account is Important ?

In this article, we will see why registering email id to bank account is important. If you have bank account in any of the banks and you don't have any email ID registered to your bank account then after going through below reasons you will certainly think about registering your email ID without any delay. With recent trend of using Internet Banking and Mobile application to access bank account and using its different online services, it only makes sense to have an email ID registered to your account due to various reasons. Here we will see all those reasons and understand the importance of registering email id.


Why registering Email ID to Your Bank Account is Important ?

Why registering Email ID to Your Bank Account is Important ?

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Sometimes you might think that when you have customer ID to login to the Internet banking and to the mobile application then why to register an email ID to the bank account. Well, it is because of certain strong reason which are explained below.


Reason 1: To contact Customer Care through Email

If you need to ask any query to the customer care service by sending an email then they will only entertain your query when it is sent through registered email ID or else you will be advised to send email through registered email ID only.


Reason 2: To ask any query from ChatBot

Now a days, lot of banks are using ChatBot to address customer queries but when you try to contact Customer support through ChatBot option, it will ask you to register first using your email ID and mobile number registered in your bank account. Without it, you won't be able to use the ChatBot option to ask your queries.


Reason 3: To get e-statement of your Bank Account

A lot of Banks gives the e-statement facility to select in which you can get e-statement of your account on a monthly or quarterly basis. This helps you know about your transaction regularly so that you can keep an eye on your bank account.


Reason 4: To get any Important communication from your Bank

Many times you might have seen that if Bank wanted to communicate about some changes to its customers or wanted to keep you notified about any planned or unplanned maintenance or issues which is expected to affect the functioning of Internet Banking for certain period of time then they would send intimation to the registered email ID only keeping you informed about any downtime.


Reason 5: To reset Account Credentials

If you are using Internet banking then you must be using some password to login to your account. In case, if you forget your account password then bank provides multiple option to reset your password. One of the option is through registered email ID where a link will be sent to reset your password.


Reason 6: To receive OTP(One Time Password)

In many Banks, an email id is also used for sending OTP to authorize the transfer of your funds to some other bank accounts. In those bank accounts, an email id needs to be mandatorily registered for any fund transfer.

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