12 Most Important Things to Consider Before Buying Flat in a Building

If you are planning to buy a flat in a building then it is very important for you to understand few things which you generally would not know until you buy the flat and start living into it. As I have already experienced so I just wanted to take a minute to make you understand about the points which you should must consider before buying your dream home without any regrets. Although there are many things to check before buying a place but here I will tell you 12 most important things that you should always consider before making your mind.


12 Most Important Things to Consider Before Buying Flat in a Building

12 Most Important things to consider before buying Flat in a Building

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1. Check the Location

One of the first thing that you must always check is the location of the building where you are trying to buy your flat. Location is kind of mandatory to check because of various reasons. You should always take flat near main road from where you can easily access public transport to go anywhere you want. You should always check the accessibility of school, market and hospital from your place. It should be easily accessible to avoid any future problems.


2. Water Supply

Checking water supply connection is the utmost important thing as without water it will be very difficult to sustain in that place. It is always better to have both boring and local water supply connection so that if ground water dries up, you should have water available from local connection. Similarly, in case local water supply does not work then you should have ground water available atleast. Just relying only on either ground water or on local water supply is not a long term sustainable way to survive in a place. Today or tomorrow, it will definitely create a problem.


3. Parking Location

This is probably another very important point you should always consider. It is simply because if your parking area is near to lift then people tend to go through your parking hence unintentionally causing regular scratch to your car. So you should always choose a parking area which does not comes to a way and where children usually does not go to safeguard your vehicles.


4. Location of your Flat in Building

You should never buy flat on either ground floor or top floor. Ground floor always have the sewage blockage problem. Lower the floor, more the chances of getting it blocked. At the same time, you should also not take flat on top or on much higher floors. It is mostly because of two reasons - if lift does not work at any point of time then it will be very difficult for older persons to go up and the second reason is that as you go up, your rooms will be more hot in summer and equally cold in winter.

Top floor people always face various terrace problems such as people walking on odd hours, children running and playing tends to create more and more disturbances, sometimes cracks on terrace floor causes unstoppable water leakage especially during rainy reasons and all other sorts of problem.



5. Distance with your Neighbor

It is a very general problem in any society where you will see your neighbor starts complaining of loud noise coming from your flat. As you might understand noise could occur due to various reasons such as if there is any drilling or maintenance work going on, if you have babies or child crying, during any party or family gatherings etc. To solve this problem, you must ensure that there will be enough distance available between the two flats so that any unwanted noise from you or from your neighbor should not disturb anyone during day and night.


6. Check Power Connection

Power connection is another important criteria to check. Usually, you will find many places where flat will be available but when you check the power availability in that area you will always find there will be a severe power crisis going on in that area. This will have a huge impact in your family because in a home almost everything runs on power. So even if you buy costly machines and assets to live a comfortable life, without power all those machines will be useless and your home will turn into a junkyard.


7. Check Boring Depth(Optional)

If you are going for flat which has ground boring then you should always check the total depth of boring and the first depth at which water is available. Deeper the boring, more will be the chances to have ground water during summer season. If you also came to know about the depth at which water was found then you will come to know about the general water availability in that area.


8. 24x7 Power Backup

Many builders or developers always advertise 24x7 power backup but in reality when societies formed and make rules about power backup connection then it will be totally based on the cost you are willing to pay for the power backup. So it is not always 24x7 as committed by developers and builders especially in smaller societies. So you should always enquire about this point before taking any further decisions.


9. 24x7 Security

Security is probably one of the very important criteria to look for irrespective of the location you are choosing to buy your dream home. Usually when you go for a flat in a gated society then there is a maximum chance you will get day and night security but it is possible that in few of the small societies you might not get proper security so you have to be careful in that case. Now a days, when theft and robbery are on rise, without security it will be too difficult to leave your assets like two wheelers and four wheelers out in the parking area.


10. Low Maintenance Cost

If you end up paying higher maintenance cost in a society or in a building to manage all the maintenances then you probably think a rental home would be much better than this. Hence you should always enquire about the probable maintenance cost which you have to pay every month before buying a place or flat in that area.


11. CCTV Camera

It is very difficult to keep an eye on all the places all the time physically to prevent any mishap or to safeguard the building assets, even with all the security in place. So in that situation CCTV cameras comes to the rescue. You must check the CCTV coverage in entire building to understand if the place is fully secured by 24x7 cameras. I would recommend you not buy your home in a place or building which is not fully secured by CCTV cameras.


12. Check for any Dispute

It is very frequently reported that people living in a place for around 10-12 years with peace, suddenly they will see a government or local municipal notice for a dispute going on for past few years or decades to which you are completely unaware of. Developers and builders usually hide this type of information as they just have to sell the place as quickly as possible and run away. Later on, they won't be responsible for any dispute happened. So before buying, you should always ask for all the legal papers from the builder or developer and then get it verified from a trusted lawyer to avoid any unnecessary future legal trouble.

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