Buffalo bills vs Denver broncos Full Match Analysis - 13th November, 2023

The Denver Broncos defeated the Buffalo Bills 24-22 in a closely contested match on November 13, 2023. The game was characterized by numerous mistakes from the Bills, leading to their defeat despite a late lead in the game.

Final Score: Denver Broncos 24, Buffalo Bills 22.

The Broncos scored 3, 12, 0, and 9 points in the first, second, third, and fourth quarters, respectively. The Bills scored 0, 8, 7, and 7 points in the corresponding quarters. Wil Lutz of the Broncos kicked a 36-yard field goal as time expired, securing the win for Denver.


Buffalo bills vs Denver broncos Full Match Analysis - 13th November, 2023

Buffalo bills vs Denver broncos Full Match Analysis - 13th November, 2023

The game's first play set a tone of mistakes from the Bills, starting with a fumble by James Cook, leading to a Broncos field goal. Denver built a 9-0 lead with a touchdown catch by Courtland Sutton. The Bills closed the gap to 9-8 but faced a 15-8 deficit at halftime due to more mistakes and field goals by Lutz.

The Broncos' final drive was aided by two significant errors from the Bills. A key penalty against the Bills for contacting a receiver before the ball arrived resulted in a 28-yard gain for the Broncos. Additionally, a penalty for having 12 men on the field against the Bills allowed Lutz to attempt his game-winning field goal after initially missing a 41-yard attempt.

Wilson completed 24 of 29 passes, which translates to a high completion rate. This indicates his accuracy and decision-making were effective during the game. He threw for a total of 193 yards. While not a staggering number, it was sufficient to facilitate the scoring drives. Wilson threw two touchdowns, contributing directly to the team's scoring. Perhaps the most significant aspect of Wilson's performance was his leadership during the final drive.

After the Bills took a late lead, Wilson successfully led a 57-yard drive that set up the game-winning field goal. This drive was marked by poise and effective management under pressure. Unlike his counterpart Josh Allen, Wilson did not throw any interceptions, which was vital in a closely contested game. The final drive, aided by penalties against the Bills, highlighted Wilson's ability to keep his team in contention until the final moments, ultimately leading to the game-winning field goal.

Javonte Williams achieved 110 total yards during the game. This is a significant contribution, indicating his effectiveness in both the running and receiving game. He scored 1 touchdown, which was crucial in a game decided by a narrow margin. This touchdown would have contributed directly to the Broncos' scoring tally. His performance suggests he played a pivotal role in the Broncos' offensive strategy, providing a reliable option for advancing the ball and scoring.

Josh Allen completed 15 of 26 passes, indicating a moderate level of passing accuracy. He threw for a total of 177 yards, contributing to the Bills' offensive movement down the field. Allen scored 2 total touchdowns, demonstrating his ability to contribute significantly to the team's scoring efforts. He threw two interceptions, which were detrimental in a closely contested game, as they provided opportunities for the Broncos.

The Bills committed four turnovers and incurred significant penalties, some of which occurred during critical moments. Allen's interceptions were a part of these costly mistakes. Despite the mistakes, Allen led a late drive that momentarily put the Bills ahead, highlighting his resilience and leadership.

Murray had 9 rushing attempts, indicating he was a significant part of the Bills' running game strategy. He gained a total of 68 yards on these attempts. This yardage is quite efficient considering the number of attempts, showcasing his ability to gain substantial ground per carry. Murray scored 1 touchdown, directly contributing to the Bills' points tally in a closely contested game.

The Bills accumulated 63 yards in penalties after committing four turnovers. These mistakes were a significant factor in their loss. The Broncos did not cover the spread as they needed to win by 3 points or more. The over/under was set at 42.5, with the total score of 46, favoring those who bet the over. The Broncos' victory came at +128 odds.


Key Performances

Russell Wilson (Broncos QB): Completed 24 of 29 passes for 193 yards and two touchdowns.
Javonte Williams (Broncos RB): Achieved 110 total yards and scored 1 touchdown.
Josh Allen (Bills QB): Completed 15 of 26 passes for 177 yards, scored 2 total touchdowns, but also threw two interceptions.
Latavius Murray (Bills RB): Had 9 attempts for 68 yards and scored 1 touchdown.



This match showed a resilient Denver team capitalizing on Buffalo's errors, with the Bills falling behind in the AFC East standings as a result of this loss.

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